Never Quit / Ergo Style Mag Well Grip - Tan



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Never Quit Style Magwell Grip - Tan

The Never Quit Grip originated as a result of observing the tendencies of a group of squared away high-tempo operators who grabbed at the magazine well of their carbines while training and in operations. Many times these guys would even opt to grab the magazine well even if they had a forward hand grip on their expensive rail systems!

Okay, lets see here, round out the hand grip give it a good texture and feel and give the shooter a sense of confidence in their grip.

Make it so won't slide around or crack under extreme cold and can take the heat.

Design it to be easily installed (the Never Quit Grip can be easily installed by simply releasing the trigger guard pin, sliding the grip over the mag well and then closing the trigger guard).

Put a logo on there for the "good guys" that lets everyone know that they will never compromise, never forget and never quit! No matter what the odds are.

The Never Quit Magwell Grip reconfigures the squared shape of the magazine well of the AR platform

Features:- Reconfigures the squared shape of the magazine well into an ergonomic and comfortable grip option

Gives receivers a distinctive aesthetic upgrade

Easy installation