Maple Leaf - Super Silicone 50 Hop Rubber

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he Maple Leaf Super Macaron Winter Silicone 2021 AEG Hop Up Bucking. Works with the Crazy Jet barrel system from Maple Leaf and other AEG barrels too.  A very unique bucking as it's made to fit everything.

This bucking is designed to adapt the maple leaf crazy jet barrels, which are considered VSR/GBB cut barrels, to be used in AEG hop-up systems.  While AEG buckings typically require "windowed" or "bridged" barrels, the Maple Leaf Super Macaron series slide onto "open cut/bridgeless" barrels just as a VSR style bucking would, but with the appropriate outer diameter to accommodate AEG Hop-up chambers.  The bucking is best used in conjunction with the Omega Hop-up Tensioner , and Crazy Jet Barrel to really maximize your range and rein in that left and right shot deviation!


This bucking will fit bridged as well as bridgeless barrels, so be sure that your hop up chamber is designed for AEG buckings before ordering, as most GBB/VSR guns are designed for the thicker GBB/VSR buckings.  


Degree recommendations (approx):

50 degree up to 360 FPS

60 degree 290-390 FPS

70 degree 355-460 FPS

80 degree 480 FPS or higher

This is the Winter Silicone 2021 version.