Maple Leaf - 6.04 Crazy Jet 97mm

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Maple Leaf - Crazy Jet Barrel 97mm


A new unique range of barrels by Maple Leaf designed to produce consistent air flow and pressure behind every BB as it leaves the barrel.


With each shot, the air flow following your BB is a thicker and straighter stream. This flow of air keeps your BB shooting straighter for longer with a reduction in air seeping and wrapping around your BB causing it to drift off to one side when shooting. Have your targets further down range feel the sting in every hit! Achieve more consistent and accurate shots with this perfect upgrade for anyone trying to maximise the performance of their weapon.


  • Designed by Maple Leaf Tactical
  • Perfect part for those looking to maximise the performance of their pistol or rifle
  • Has specially designed channels to modify air flow as it leaves the barrel
  • 'Jet Stream' achieved by allowing the air to travel faster around the edges of the barrel
  • Makes shots more stable and consistent
  • Great for upgrading a wide range of guns
  • Brass barrel with silver tip