M4/16 Mid-Cap Magazine - 130rds

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If you hate the rattle of BB's in a magazine or find low caps a little lacking in the ammo stakes then these mid-cap M4/16 magazines from Dboys, are just the ticket for you.
Each magazine is of metal construction and can hold 130rd. They are suitable for all TM standard AEG's that accept M4/16 type magazines.

These magazines have been tested in a variety of AEG's from TM, CA, DBoys, Cyma and APS

Mid-cap magazines must be prepared before first use to avoid issues with feeding 

First use of the magazine *DO NOT* fully loaded with bb`s,
Before first use magazine *SHOULD* be oiled with silicon oil for better feeding.
During first use magazine *SHOULD* be loaded with approx 50 bb`s and then empty out.
agazine  *SHOULD* be loaded with 10 bb`s more than first time and subsequently empty out.
Repeat until full mag capacity is achieved.

REMEMBER, If magazine is stored, it *MUST* be empty

REMEMBER to regularly oil the magazine with silicon oil.

Colour - Black