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The LCT LCKMS AEG (Wood) is a high-quality airsoft rifle designed to resemble the iconic AK-47 assault rifle, known for its durability, reliability, and accuracy. This airsoft gun features a realistic wood finish, giving it an authentic look and feel.

The LCT LCKMS AEG is powered by an electric motor and uses a rechargeable battery to drive the firing mechanism. This results in a high rate of fire and consistent performance, making it ideal for airsoft skirmishes and competitions.

The rifle has a full metal construction, which adds to its durability and realism. It features a sturdy fixed stock, which provides a comfortable and stable shooting position. The rifle also has an adjustable rear sight and a fixed front sight for accurate aiming.

The LCT LCKMS AEG has a magazine capacity of 600 rounds, allowing for extended periods of shooting without the need to reload. The gun fires at a velocity of around 400 feet per second (fps), making it suitable for use in outdoor airsoft games.

Overall, the LCT LCKMS AEG (Wood) is a high-quality airsoft rifle that combines realistic looks with reliable performance. It is a popular choice among airsoft enthusiasts and collectors alike who are looking for an authentic and powerful AK-47 airsoft gun.