Laylax - Prometheus Flat Hop Tensioner

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Standard hop tensioners only provide a very small point of contact with which to spin the BB, that's why you need the Prometheus Hop Tensioner.

These drop-in nubs provide a larger contact patch leading to better range and accuracy.

  • Included in the package are two nubs, one soft and one hard nub to allow for varying power levels and BB weights.
  • Bridge tensioner provides 3 points of contact for tighter groupings.
  • Flat tensioner provides maximum hop effect for high power setups.

Installation notes:

  • It may be necessary to trim the rubber to fit into some hop up units.
  • This product is designed to use with the Prometheus Straight Chamber Packing. If you wish to use a standard hop rubber it will require modification or use of an aftermarket barrel such as the Orga Magnus Barrel that allows the rubber to be installed with a 90-degree rotation.