Large LMG Gun Bag - Tan

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Need away of safely transporting your FN Minimi 249
Laser-Cut LMG Gun Case / Storage - Tan 

A bag/cover, produced fully of durable nylon, its dedicated to carry a support weapon – the most popular models such as the 249 or 60 It is also capable of carrying other weapons of the maximum length less than 1000mm.It can be unzipped on the whole length and height, to give easy access and making it easier to store the weapon after use.
Inside are two semi solid block with a thick foam filling, which secure the weapon safely and securely in the bag The blocks have  velcro-fastened, so they can be placed freely inside the bag depending on the weapons type and shape. Inside there are also additional tie-down straps.
An interesting solution of the module system has been applied. Instead of traditional MOLLE system sewn on the outer part of the bag, the special holes, which accept MOLLE  pouches, have been cut in the outer material with the help of laser cutting. 

This has reduced the weight of the bag but still retaining the ability to mount extra pouches etc if needed