Lancer - LT19 G2 M4 KeyMod 10" Combo - Black

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Lancer - LT19 G2 M4 KeyMod 10" Combo - Black 

The Lancer Tactical LT-19 series of AEGs are a solid contender and without spending a small fortune will make you a competitive player out in field. 
The AEG comes out of the box sporting a 6.03mm tight bore inner barrel, rotary HOP unit, and remarkable shot-to-shot consistency, pointing to a well-tuned gearbox and also providing excellent accuracy which is hard to find in an AEG at this price point!

The LT-19 provides a 14mm CCW male threaded outer barrel beneath its military style birdcage flash hider, allowing the user to mount a Tracer unit, suppressor or alternative flash hider easily. The 14.5 inch outer barrel of the LT-19 is constructed from Alloy, guaranteeing strength and preventing the inner barrel from being bent or damaged. The medium length of this setup is an excellent middle ground between a full sized rifle and a compact CQB weapon, providing excellent utility when used in either role, and matching the length of rifle most commonly used in Military service around the world. 

Surrounding the outer barrel we can find a 10" polymer Keymod handguard, providing Keymod slots at the 3, 6 and 9 o'clock positions for mounting accessories and rail covers. The handguard also features a 20mm Picatinny rail which meets the receiver rail along the 12 o'clock surface, providing plenty of room for larger optical sights and RDS magnifier combinations. Out of the box the LT-19 has 3 keymod rail sections installed at the front of the handguard which can be moved to any position on the handguard, keeping your setup flexible.
The iron sights come pre-installed, and are polymer flip up aperture type sights featuring windage and elevation adjustment, and two different apertures to choose from. These sights mount to the 20mm Picatinny rail on the top of the handguard and receiver and can be removed easily or swapped for any 20mm Picatinny compatible iron sights, or a Red dot sight or another optical sight of your choosing.

The receiver of the LT-19 is constructed from high density polymer, providing scratch resistance and keeping the weight of the AEG down to only what is necessary to deliver its excellent performance on the skirmish field. The controls are optimised for right handed use, though they can be used by lefties with a bit of practice. The magazine release can be found on the right side of the AEG and is textured to ensure the button gets pressed when you need it. The trigger guard installed on the LT-19 is a standard M4 AEG type, which can be exchanged for any aftermarket trigger guard for AEG M4/AR15s. The upper receiver also features a triangular extension with a metal button at the end. This is known as the forward assist, and provides no function in an Airsoft AEG but can be pressed, and adds to the realism of the LT-19, following the form of the real AR15 perfectly. The pistol grip is a finger ridged type, featuring texturing on the sides, front, and rear ensuring that the LT-19 stays securely in your hands, even in wet weather or when wearing gloves. Moving over to the left side of the receiver we can find familiar AR15 controls, with the mock bolt catch sitting dead centre and the fire selector being positioned above the pistol grip, within reach of the user's thumb. The mock bolt catch provides no function, but is a nice addition for realism, being metal and a separate part. The fire selector provides 3 positions; SAFE, SEMI and AUTO, and has a 90 degree throw between positions. The SAFE position provides a trigger lock, preventing the AEG from being fired unless the selector is in the SEMI or AUTO positions. 

In order to access the LT-19's rotary HOP chamber, the charging handle must be pulled and held to the rear. This will move the realistic mock bolt carrier backward, revealing the HOP adjuster. The rotary HOP design is one of the latest innovations for the M4/AR15 platform, and provides excellent stability and retains its setting reliably. The charging handle can be found at the top rear of the receiver, and features an extended latch, ensuring you won't have trouble getting at your HOP adjuster in the heat of battle. 

As we reach the rear of the AEG we can find an M4/AR15 buffer tube, which is constructed from polymer, and allows any M4/AR15 style AEG collapsible stock to be mounted. Between the buffer tube and receiver the LT-19 provides an ambidextrous sling plate, providing mounting hardware for a hook style sling on either the left or right side. 

The LT-19 comes out of the box with a crane battery stock installed, which provides plenty of room for a nun-chuck/crane style battery. To access the battery compartment, simply squeeze the two tabs in poking through the toe of the crane stock together, and push the tabs through, after which the butt plate can be removed. The battery can be installed inside the two tubes on either side of the buffer tube, or within the buffer tube itself. The battery connector on the LT-19 is a Mini-Tamiya connector, allowing the most common type of Airsoft batteries to be used.