KWC Python .357 6inch

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KWC Full Metal CO2 Revolver

- 1:1 Scale
- Full Metal
- Operated By CO2. Fit on 12g CO2 Cartridge.
- Action: Semi Auto -non-Blowback
- Emulate Shell

Length: mm
Weight:950 g
Muzzle Velocity: 425 FPS w/0.2g
Magazine: 6 rds
Power: CO2 12 gram Cartridge
Package Includes: Gun, Manual
Dan Wesson shells do fit and work in this revolver
Model 357 is high realism full metal airsoft revolver. It is powered by CO2 capsule which is inserted into grip. Per one CO2 capsule you can shot 100-140 BBs with the very very high velocity average 150 m/s (500 FPS). During testing we measured up to 166 m/s (550 FPS). So recommended BBs are in weight 0,25-0,30g. BBs are inserted into each single dummy shell. Revolver can hold 6 shells.
WEIGHT = 950g
LENGTH = 285mm
ENERGY = 2.2 Joule
BB CAPACITY = 6 shoots
STANDARD BB = 6.00mm
425 Fps