KWA - M93R II NS2 GBB Pistol

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If you ever played Call of Duty MW2 you would have come across this pistol in the game. Unlike some weapons found in games the M93R is a really weapon.

The M93RII Raffica was originally designed for Italian counter terrorism units and is also used by police and military units around the world when a concealable rapid fire pistol is needed.

The KWA M93R is an exact replica of the real version and is extremely accurate both in appearance and function. Just like the real version this airsoft pistol offers a 3 round burst mode and makes it one of the only pistols to have these feature.

This airsoft pistol also features a folding forward grip designed to give you better control when using burst fire mode and helps you keep the BB's on target. Also to improve the accuracy of this gun both the inner and outer barrels have been extended which gives you a slight improvement to accuracy at longer ranges. This airsoft pistol is not only full of unique features but is also built specifically for the rigorous sport of airsoft. The pistol is made from metal alloys which make it extremely durable and give it a very realistic weight and feel.

The pistol also comes with the NS2 gas system which provides various improvements in both performance, reliability and durability over the standard Tokyo Marui gas system. KWA offers some of the highest quality functional pistols, you can get more expensive pistols but they are mostly collectors items. When it comes to function KWA pistols bring you exceptional performance and quality at a solid price making them some of the most popular pistols for serious airsoft players.

The KWA M93r is a capable of three round burst and of course semi auto.


Product Specs

Fire Mode: Three Round Burst or Semi-Automatic

Length: 247.00mm

Height: 175.00mm

Outer Barrel Length: 155.00mm

Inner Barrel Length: 127.00mm

Inner Barrel Diameter: 6.05mm

Magazine Capacity: 32 Rounds

Weight (with mag): 1.27kg

Gas system: NS2

Propellant: Green Gas