Krytac - SilencerCo Maxim 9 GBB Pistol (Semi and Full Auto)

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The Real SilencerCo Maxim 9

The Maxim 9 is one of the few integrally suppressed handguns ever created in real steel form and was designed with the intention of providing a holsterable suppressed pistol which makes no sacrifices when it comes to overall length and weight.

Combining integrally suppressed functionality with modern ergonomics and ambidextrous controls makes the Maxim 9 absolutely unique, and unlike the venerable British Welrod and the modern B&T VP9 suppressed pistols, the Maxim 9 is designed with combat in mind with its semi-automatic action, KeyMod equipped front end, red dot mounting cuts and full sized frame.

The Krytac Maxim 9 GBB Pistol

Krytac's Maxim 9 has to be one of the most anticipated releases of the year and promises to be a game changer on the field with its innovative design and high quality Krytac brand pedigree. Krytac's Maxim 9 boasts official licensing from SilencerCo themselves and is adorned with realistic trademarks, making it almost indistinguishable from the real deal.

The Maxim 9 isn't all about its looks either. With a split style slide and a hidden fun switch, the Maxim 9 can really do the business down range with its excellent gas efficiency and AAP-01 like rate of fire. As good as it is now, it is about to get better; Krytac have a whole host of specific accessories due for release soon, including an integral tracer unit, extension kits, a specific holster and a 20mm rail adapter! Get in now, this is the hot Airsoft product for 2023!

Starting at the front we can see the ultra-modern, bordering on futuristic integral suppressor, complete with weight-reducing grooves on either side. The suppressor can be disassembled via the two screws at the front, allowing you to install an extension kit for extra suppression effect or an internal tracer unit to really light the enemy up.

With the suppressor disassembled you will see the outer barrel which is threaded with 12mm CW female threads, meaning aftermarket adapters are already available. We recommend waiting for the Krytac Maxim 9 specific tracer unit before attempting a tracer install to ensure the parts are compatible, but for those who like a walk on the wild side you may be able to install an existing micro tracer unit with a 12mm CW adapter, as the inside of the suppressor is completely hollow.

At the top rear of the suppressor, you will find mounting holes for a red dot sight, allowing you to kit the Maxim 9 out in line with the most modern handgun doctrine and acquire your targets with incredible speed. We are not yet in a position to confirm which mounting footprint the red dot sight mount is compatible with, but we will update the description once we have carried out a few tests.

On the bottom of the suppressor, you will find something which is rather rare on a pistol; KeyMod negative space attachment slots. This allows you to directly mount KeyMod accessories or a 20mm Picatinny rail adapter to allow for laser aiming modules and tactical flashlights to be added to suit the mission at hand. The use of KeyMod slots keeps the front of the pistol lightweight, maintaining one of the original SilencerCo build objectives while still allowing accessories to be used when needed.

Following the suppressor, which is most of the pistol, we arrive at the slide which is an unconventional design, similar in performance and slide speed to "split slide" Hi-capa and EU series pistols, meaning an exceptional cyclic rate. The slide has deep serrations on either side to allow for positive grip with or without gloves, and at the top rear of the slide, you will find the rear white dot iron sight which is nice and visible, and easy to acquire. The fire selector switch, aka the "fun switch", can be found on the underside of the rear of the slide, and is accessible when the slide is locked open using either the left or right side slide lock/release catch.

Being ambidextrous, the slide release catch allows either right-handed or left-handed shooters to send the slide home easily following a reload. The magazine release is located on the left side of the grip and is a slightly enlarged design with texture on its surface to allow it to be used effectively in any weather conditions. The mag release is positioned similarly to an EU series pistol, making it perfect for those who are accustomed to it, but is a far better design which is easy to press but not easy to snag on your holster when you are drawing your sidearm in a hurry!

The grip itself has linear stippling style texture along either side and across the backstrap to allow for a perfect balance between gripping qualities and comfort. The frame also has texture towards the front to provide an index point for your trigger finger to take a breather between kills to reduce the chances of your finger slipping onto the trigger inadvertently. The trigger guard is shaped to allow for an additional finger on the front for better control of the muzzle during bursts of full auto fire, and the trigger itself is a flat design with an EU series style blade trigger safety which prevents the trigger from being pressed fully without the central blade being pressed first.

When it comes to performance, the Krytac Maxim 9 is frighteningly quick, lying somewhere between an AAP-01 and an EU18 in its full auto firing rate but with far better gas efficiency than the latter with its full sized slide. The Maxim 9 also boasts an adjustable HOP-up system with full compatibility with aftermarket HOP-up buckings for GBB pistols, and its inner barrel is a 6.05mm tightbore to add accuracy and allow this tiny pistol to contend with larger weapons at medium range. Magazine wise, the Maxim 9 comes with a unique Krytac lightweight magazine constructed from aluminium, meaning less weight to carry when rocking a full loadout. The Maxim 9 is reportedly compatible with Umarex/VFC Glock Mags, and further compatibility will be added when we receive our batch.

If you are a sneaky kind of player or you like CQB, and a normal suppressor makes your sidearm far too long, the Maxim 9 is the perfect tool for you. With a hidden full auto fire mode, incredibly swift slide speed and a whole host of accessories due very soon, the Maxim 9 brings the heat to the skirmish field along with the gorgeous looks of realistic SilencerCo trademarks and Krytac's legendary build quality.


  • Full metal construction
  • Integrated suppressor - Looks freakin' awesome
  • Licensed by SilencerCo - Full trademarks, flawless realism
  • Internal threads for a tracer unit - 12mm CW
  • 6.05mm Tightbore inner barrel - Very accurate out of the box
  • Split style slide - High cyclic rate, great gas efficiency
  • KeyMod slots on the bottom of the suppressor - Add a flashlight with a KeyMod rail
  • Compatible with VFC/Umarex Glock Magazines
  • Not compatible with WE EU Series magazines 
  • Ambidextrous slide stop/release - Great for left-handed shooters
  • Gear adjustable HOP-up unit - Accessible with a field strip
  • Extension kits available soon - Make your Maxim into a long boi
  • Compatible with Krytac Muzzle Flash Tracer Unit (available soon)
  • Specific holster available
  • Ergonomic pistol grip - Subtle finger ridges and texture for extra grip
  • Aggressive rear slide serrations - Ample grip when manipulating the slide
  • Semi auto/Full auto select fire - Fire selector accessible with the slide locked back