Kombat - Recon Face Mask - Green

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New to the field, mesh to protect your pearly whites but not all over your face! No more beard tugging, metal rubbing and discomfort to your face. With a soft padded lining which is also well ventilated, you can run and gun and aim down your sights with improved protection over old original full steel mesh masks.

Secured to your head with 2x elastic straps, the straps are further held together with a large nylon strapping to prevent the whole mask from falling off the back of your head. Available in a range of colours including, Black, Olive Green, Coyote Tan, BTP and BTP Black. 

You can still alter the shape of the mesh section to fit your face better and allow you to combine normal Airsoft shooting glasses at the same time. A great piece of kit for shooters of all ages and face shapes.


  • Partial mesh to protect your teeth
  • Ventilated soft cheek padding
  • 2x elastic strap retention
  • Large Nylon head strap retention
  • Available in several colours
  • Adjustable elastic retention
  • Prevent goggles from fogging with the breathable mesh front