KJ Works - KP-13-C (Glock 17) Gas Blow Back Pistol

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Styled after the famous G Series pistol the KJW-KP13C offers a custom look similar to Agency Arms and SAI without their price tags.

The KJW KP-13C GBB is the new lighter version of the KJ Works KP-13, it features a stylish pistol frame has been known for years before the introduction of the similar pistols that uses polymer body which has a textured pattern.
The rounded-shaped grip of the typical full-size KP-13C is of a comfortable and ideal shape, at least for many shooters.
The aggressive cuts on the slide help with racking the slide with efficiency.

Combining excellent mechanics with the authentic-looking aesthetics of the exterior. As you would expect from KJ Works, this is a well-built gas blowback pistol, which is mechanically and physically very solid. Hard-kicking blow back system makes you feel pleasant to shoot it. Internal hammer system allows the gun to be pre-cocked for instant shooting. The trigger design means that accidental discharge is prevented unless you deliberately pull the trigger with your finger. One of major changes it features is a steel slide which allows a stronger recoil from every shot.

The hop-up dial can be adjusted once you take apart the slide. Disassembly is exactly like the real thing. Pull down on the disassembly lever and move the slide forwards off the frame. The hop-up dial is located on the barrel assembly which is visible after you remove the slide.

We have tested this pistol with magazines from TM, WE and Raven all fit and feed without problems.

Item Weight (gram) 770g
Major Colour Black
Length 180 mm
Barrel Length ~95mm
Blow Back Yes
Hop-up Adjustable
Shooting Mode Semi Automatic
Power Source Green Gas / Top Gas
Magazine Capacity 23 rounds
Bullet Type 6mm BB
Power (Muzzle Velocity) 290 FPS