King Arms - SAA.45 Peacemaker Gas Revolver S V2 - Electroplating Black

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One for the budding Cowboys and Cowgirls or being PC Cowthem.

The SAA .45 Peacemaker Revolver is full metal construction handgun by King Arms.

The whole revolver is constructed by metal, it gives a very concrete and rigid feels. Allows shooter do fast action confidently. The attetension to detail of parts and components make revolver’s outlook much more realistic.

Straight metal outer barrel make the revolver more realistic. – Smooth and precise brass internal barrel in 6.03mm inner diameter. Makes the shooting trajectory more accuracy.
Ergonomic polymer grip lets the user grasp tight and control over the revolver.
The metal cylinder bullet inlet can be opened easily in order to reload bullets quickly. – Push the bullets ejector thumbpiece to remove bullets one by one. – The cylinder can accept up to 6 bullet shells. – Metal latch precisely stop the cylinder in the correct position.

Metal hammer gives an assured strike on the gas outlet valve. – Operate in single-action.

The metal fixed front sight helps the shooter to acquire the target.

CNC machined heavy brass shells with high compression rubber bb retainers. – Package comes with 6 BB bullets shells.