King Arms - G17 Style RMR Mount Custom Gas Blowback Pistol - BK2

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A tricked out Glock 17 GBB pistol out of the box by King Arms 

1. Construction:
- Metal slide from a full CNC Aluminum block combine with lower frame provides rigid structure of the pistol.
- Stylish design made your pistol unique, more frictions for the frame, and easier to operate.
- High quality Polymer receiver made the pistol lighter, increase the agility and shooting accuracy of the shooter.
- Super lightweight CNC Aluminum 6061, quick blow back and higher rate of fire.
- Anodized painting for a perfect finish and durable.
- Handmade stippling design with grip, trigger ring and bilateral lower frame make the gun decreases muzzle flip and substantially increases controllability during rapid fire. Visually consistent texture make it luxury looking.
- RMR mount-ready for mounting RMR compatible accessories, such as scope. (KA-PG-17)
2. Barrel
- Eye catching golden one-piece aluminum outer barrel with tactical compensator are made by precise CNC machine for best and unique outlook.
- Extendable outer barrel in 128mm length for easily and quickly installing upgrade parts to power up.
- Smooth and precise brass internal barrel in the length of 113.4mm and 6.05mm diameter. Makes the shooting trajectory constantly precise.
- Fashionable tactical compensator 14 mm clockwise thread can be mounting vary accessories like silencer or Tracer, and accept longer inner barrel.
3. Sights
- 3 points of fluorescent fixed sight helps shooter acquire the target quickly and clearly.
4. Safety
- Unique safety located at the bottom of the barrel which provided a safer secure system.
- Trigger safety system replicated for a realistic outlook.
5. Grip
- Ergonomic design provides a natural handle with a curved support surface.
- Non-slip handmade stippling grip increased comfort for better recoil control.
6. Magazine
- King Arms Gas operated 24 +1 rounds magazine with polished finish.
- Marked with serial number and BB´s counting marks.
- Compatible with Tokyo Marui magazines.
- Magazines come with base pad to protect it and provide a better reload.
7. Parts
- Adjustable hop up let users fine tuning their precise shooting range. User can replace difference hop up rubber from aftermarket parts at their preference.