Kiety Airsoft - Enhanced Hop Up Screw

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Ever had a BB get jammed and smashed by the bolt carrier in your GBLS?

This double ended set screw is the solution. So when it does happens and you need to remove it, you can remove the hand guard and outer barrel nut, and unscrew/remove the hop adjusted set screw from the slotted side. It takes a 1.5mm flat head precision screwdriver.

Jams happens to the best of us, even with only the use of GBLS recommended and approved quality BB's. Crushed BB debris are literally pounded into the hop up adjustment screw.

The remaining debris in the hole can be pushed through with a paperclip, small punch, or small hex key, leftovers can be removed via compressed air once the screw has been removed.

Note: hop-up unit not included.


  • Precision machined from SUS304 stainless steel
  • 1.5mm hex on one end / 1.5mm flat head on the other end
  • hex socket is approximately 50% deeper than stock screw, allows for more positive lock of hex wrench for adjustments
  • Resin Threadlocker pre-applied on threads (can be adjusted continuously, rated for full removal and reinstall 5 times without losing holding ability)
  • Fits factory hop-up unit
  • Includes 1 screws

Approx 10 minutes

Tools required

  • Barrel nut wrench (varies according to handguard installed)
  • 1.5mm hex key
  • 1.5mm flat head precision screwdriver


  1. Remove hand guard
  2. Remove outer barrel nut and outer barrel from the receiver
  3. Remove the factory hop adjustment screw by turning clockwise until it comes out of the front of the hop unit (towards front of the barrel), as the back part facing the receiver is not threaded.
  4. Install the replacement screw (from the front of the hop unit so the hex side is facing the receiver), thread in using a 1.5mm precision flat head screwdriver
  5. Once it is inserted in the thread, turn your hop unit around and screw it counter-clockwise from the receiver end using a 1.5mm Hex wrench
  6. Re-assemble