JG - SA58 FAL Electric BlowBack AEG

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JG SA58 FAL Electric Blowback AEG

The modernised version of the FAL, the SA58 AEG is a fantastic short-barrelled, 7.62 style rifle with an electric blowback function. This has a full metal body and an incredible weight and feel to it.

The upper receiver has a 20mm Picatinny rail on top to attach any sights or scopes as well as built-in front & rear iron sights. The mag release is central on the body making it an ambidextrous magazine release, however, the fire selector is on the left side with safe, semi, and auto firing modes.

The front handguard, stock, and pistol grip are all made from high-quality ABS plastic for extra comfort when holding the rifle. The battery is situated in the stock and can be accessed by sliding the stock plate down to unclip it, then remove it.

It has a huge battery space and we highly recommend using a 9.6V LIPOor a 7.4V LIPO battery for the best performance.

To access the hop-up unit, you pull the charging handle back to open the bolt and it exposes the large hop wheel to adjust.

The electric blowback bolt functions whenever you fire the AEG whether it’s loaded or not. It is quite a heavy bolt with a fantastic sound and feel to it.

In the box you get the JG SA58, 1x 450 round high cap magazine, cleaning rod & manual


  • Full metal construction
  • Electric blowback
  • Safe, semi & full auto
  • Mini Tamiya connector
  • Weight: 3500g
  • Length: 840mm
  • Inner barrel length: 330mm
  • Average FPS: 340