Jag Precision - JW3 Baby Yaga Hi-Capa GBB Red

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Army / Jag Precision JW3 Baba Yaga - Two Tone Red 

Known in full as the Jag Precision x  Taran Tactical JW3 Combat Master Gas Blowback Pistol, this Airsoft pistol is a replica of a pistol made famous in the last John Wick film.
Created by Army Armament this is a custom built pistol based on the Hi-Capa variant of the 1911.

This Gas Blowback pistol is a Hi-Capa base replica with a tonne of modifications, made famous by the film of an angry man seeking vengeance for his pupper, and inability to hand in his notice. It features gorgeous externals, coupled with a rock-solid construction for a devastatingly useful sidearm which looks great and can keep you at the top of your game. The Pistol Grip and Trigger Guard are a one-piece design which features heavy stippling to ensure maximum grip, even when wearing gloves. The trigger is a skeletonised design which looks great and keeps down on weight, and the magazine release is extended to make sure you can always hit the mark. The flared mag well massively assists in the placement of magazines, allowing you to keep focused on the play-field, rather than what your hands are doing. The frame also includes a 20mm rail on the underside which will allow you to install torches/lasers to further improve the usability of this sidearm. The slide is a beautiful vented design with plenty of serrations for easy manipulation, and has a low-light front ironsight for easy target acquisition. 

The outer barrel is a bronze colour which offsets delightfully against the black slide, and features a '9x19' stamp for extra realism. The sidearm  features 1911/Hi-Capa controls which should be familiar to anyone who has used the platform before, including a Slide Lock & Beavertail Safety, and strips down via the removal of the Slide Release as it should.

Included in the box is a ~30rnd Hi-Capa style magazine with custom baseplate, as well as an in-depth instruction manual to tell/show you everything you need to know about this beautiful sidearm. If you're  want every edge you can in CQB situations, then the Combat Master Gas Pistol is a great choice.


  • Based on the real world pistol by Taran Tactical
  • Built to the highest standards by Army Armaments
  • Based on the Hi-Capa version of the 1911 Pistol
  • Rose gold coloured outer barrel
  • Heavyweight design
  • Hand Stippled Polymer Grip from the factory
  • Flared magazine well to make it easier to insert magazines under pressure
  • Enlarged magazine release for easier access
  • Beavertail Safety and Slide lock safety
  • Match style trigger
  • Strong hammer springs
  • Adjustable hop-up unit for range and accuracy
  • Front 20mm Pistol Rail for attaching aftermarket Torches and Lasers
  • Square front and rear ironsight, with light enhancing front sight
  • Textured slide to make it easier to cock in wet conditions or whilst wearing gloves
  • Rear lanyard loop hole
  • Easy to strip down for cleaning just like the real thing
  • Extended magazine base to make the magazine easier to grab