ICS - BLE-XFG Alpha Gas BlowBack Pistol



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The ICS BLE-XFG is the continuation of the Black Leopard Eye family of pistols from ICS. These are the first pistols ever produced by ICS who had only previously produced AEGs. The BLEs are an excellent original design from the people at ICS who seek to make affordable, reliable, and great shooting pistols with modular designs and ambidextrous controls in mind. The XFG being the latest model is also slightly smaller in size compared to the original XAE. These are similar to the Glock 19 sized pistols which choose to give you the best of both worlds with a pistol just in between the size of a service pistol and a dedicated compact pistol.

  • 1 x ICS BLE-XFG Compact Pistol
  • 1 x Additional Backstrap Piece

Quick Overview:

  • Metal Slide with Lightening Cuts
  • Polymer Frame with New Improved Texture
  • 2 Different back strap pieces to accommodate different size hands
  • Full ambidextrous magazine release and slide release
  • Frame mounted hidden safety, Safe action style Trigger Safety
  • 19 Round Magazine Capacity
  • Green Gas Powered