GT Power B6 Multi Battery Charger

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GT Power X-Charger B6 prob multi charger

Supports multiple types of battery packs with one single charger, keeping your batteries in best condition will prolong the life of them, nomal three light chargers do a great job at just charging the battery but that's it. Having a charger that can carry out discharge cycles, balance charge, storage mode and fast charge if needed will ensure your batteries are well looked after.

The follow battery types are are supported:
NiMH/NiCD 1~15 cells ( 1.2v to 18v)
Li-PO/Lithium Ion 1~6 series ( 3.7v to 22.2v)
Li-Fe 1~6 series
Sealed Lead Acid (SLA)

Charger Specifications:

Handle NiMH, NICD, Li-Po,Li-ion, Li-Fe, SLA Batteries Build-in Balance Temperature Sensor DC 10V~18V, which can be directly connect to Automobile Battery. The working electric current is less than 5A when it is charged in full load. The current of the fuse is 10A which could prevent short circuit.
You can use the included mains power adapter or power of a 12v Car battery if you need to charge on the go.
Operating voltage range: DC 10.0-18.0 volt Circuit power:Max50W (charge power) Max 5W current range: 0.1-5.0A Discharge current range:0.1-1.0A Current drain for balancing LiPo: 300mAh/cell Nicd/NiMH battery cell count: 1-15 cells LiPo/LiFe/LiLo cell count: 1-6 series Pb battery voltage: 2V-20V
Net weight: 400g Dimensions: 133×100×40mm

Please note when charging any type of battery it should not be left unattended and we recommend the use of a suitable charging bag.