Golden Eagle MCR LMG With 2600R Drum Magazine

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At a first glance you would think it's just another M4, then you realise its an M249 hybrid. The best of both worlds for reliability, upgrades and scaring the sh*t out of the bad guys! This is a full metal Airsoft, but being an LMG it is the perfect balance between weight and firepower.

Once fully re-assembled you then have a 6 position sliding stock on top of a standard AEG buffer tube. Should you wish to replace the stock for something more low-profile, there is no problem! The lower receiver is completely standard AR15 setup, so you can run a wide range of AR magazines with no fear in compatibility.

It is the upper receiver forward that changes up the scene massively. Imagine this to be a love child between an M249 variant and your favourite M4 rifle. The included 2600rnd box magazine has a fake bullet belt that locks into the upper receiver to finish the look of a support rifle. Just in front of the upper receiver is a push down button which allows for you to remove your outer barrel assembly in one click.

The hand guard is full metal and features a standard 20mm RIS/RAS rail on the top and bottom. The sides are Keymod cut for modern combination of rail sections to suit your taste. Leading up front you have a full metal partially fluted outer barrel, large front adjustable iron sight and finished nicely with a 14mm CCW threaded outer barrel and flash hider. Removing the single grub screw allows for fitting a tracer unit or suppressor should you wish to.

The gearbox within this build is a standard alloy cased Version 2. Should you wish, you can upgrade the internal components further for a faster rate of fire or quicker trigger response. The hop-up unit is also a standard cog adjustable M4 hop-up unit. This allows for a wide range of hop-up rubber upgrades should you ever have the urge to tinker.

The 2600rnd box magazine is also battery operated. Using 4x AAA batteries (not included) you can flick a switch to then choose between sound activated or auto winding mechanism. BB's are filled into the magazine like any normal top fed high capacity magazine. The top left side of the magazine has a slide out cover where you can lock one half of the fake bullet belt into for some added realism.


  • Full metal construction
  • Block battery storage in the stock
  • 6 position sliding stock buffer tube
  • Standard M4 hop-up unit
  • 2600rnd box magazine included, accepts a ride range of AR magazines too
  • Removable outer barrel assembly with no tools required
  • 2x QD sling points
  • Top and bottom 20mm Picatinny rails
  • Keymod sides to the handguard (Keymod rails not included)
  • 14mm threaded outer barrel
  • Alloy flash hider
  • Large adjustable iron sights
  • Functional charging handle
  • 20mm Picatinny scope / sight rail
  • Sound activated or auto feed box magazine

Package Includes:

  • Golden Eagle - MCR LMG
  • 2600rnd box magazine
  • Fake bullet belt