Golden Eagle - 8879T Gas Breacher style

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Golden Eagle, a brand not particularily well known for quality replicas has turned their reputation around with their range of 870 Based Green Gas Powered shotguns. These shotguns essentially use the same system as the TM870, similar quality, much, much less cost. 

This particular shotgun has a gas valve and tank in the pistol grip so it can be refilled on the go, a full tank provides approximately 70 shots. 

This shotgun can be swited to fire 3 or 6 shots per trigger pull, naturally 3 shots will have a little more power and a tighter group than 6, however, sometimes 6 is just nice to have. 

These shotguns are to be powered by Green Gas Only and we suggest the occasional use of maintenance gas as well.


  • Safety Catch
  • 30 Rounds Shell Capacity
  • 300 fps approx 
  • Green Gas Powered
  • 470mm long 
  • 1.8kg 
  • Full metal 
  • Used DE, TM, CYMA, BattleAxe shotgun shells 
  • High Gas Efficiency
  • Three Shot or Six Shot Selectable
  • Safety Catch
  • Railed Receiver
  • 1 Sling Point 
  • Gas Tank in Pistol Grip  
  • 3 Shells Included
  • Easy Pump Action