Geissele Style Aluminum RIS/RAS HK416 handguard



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This rails became famous with the US Navy SEALs unit “DEVGRU” or known as SEAL Team SIX the unit who was on the Bin Laden raid and several other secret missions. 

It is also in use with other SF units around the world.

Now, lots of airsofters go crazy to build their blasters that way! 

At the very beginning, there was no option for airsofters to get a “Geissele Rail” replica! 

Just the real steel was available and who want´s to spend a thousand bucks just for airsoft use?!

At 245mm long, 


Modular GSL handguard. 

Intended for attachment to 416's

At the top of the handguard is located a universal, 22mm RIS mounting rail. 

On both sides of the handguard are placed QD tactical sling swivels. 

It is possible to attach additional RIS rails (not included in the set) to the sides and the underside of the handguard