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The newest evolution of the DAS system by GBLS is the new M4A1, this weapon is different from the orginal M4A1 and GDR platforms produced by GBLS. This an authentic replication of the M4A1 carbine currently used by the US Army as their official service rifle.

Built to the exact dimension and external specifications the GBLS M4A1 is the perfect platform for personal or team training. This AEG/GBB hybrid brings the realistic manual of arms and function of a gas blow back rifle. With the all-round reliability of an electric platform. 


GBLS DAS M4A1 Features:

  • Recommended as a training rifle
  • Features the GBLS DAS system
  • External receiver is 7075 Aluminum forged and machined to exact Mil-Spec specifications 
  • SOPMOD Crane stock for better ergonomics and ease of battery installation
  • Ambi Fire Control
  • Battery in Stock tube 
  • Steel BCG 
  • 14.5in Gov. Profile outer barrel with M203 cut.
  • Real steel charging handle compatible 
  • Adjustable front sight
  • Flat-top upper with 1913-STD pic rails
  • 7 in. KAC style front rail assembly 
  • Cerakoted external finish for environmental ware resistant


D.A.S. (Dynamic Action System Features:

  • The GBLS DAS (Dynamic Action System) is incorporated into all GBLS products, the internal set gives unparalleled recoil simulation
  • The DAS system was originally built for training rifle use for South Korean military and police forces, it was then adjusted for the Airsoft market
  • Built using the same quality manufacturing standards are real firearms, the entire body is steel hammer forged and machined to the highest mil-spec standards
  •  The electronic AEG gearbox powers a moving mock bolt carrier group which works similar to a conventional GBBR design. It is essentially a GBBR that is powered by a AEG engine.
  • All features work just like a real AR15 such as the bolt catch/release, bolt carrier, charging handle, safety, etc.
  • Bolt will still function without a battery in single shot per cock mode, just like a real AR.
  • All CNC machined including gearbox internals
  • Electronic fire control system monitors battery and gear function, has an auto shimming gear feature - EFC detects any inconsistencies with gear engagement and self checks/shims the gears
  • Gun can be converted to dry fire mode, bolt cycles as in normal function but does not discharge any air, reduces chance of accidental discharge during training dry-firing purposes. Also perfect for use a film props.


  • Overall Length: 31.5 in. (Collapsed) - 34.5 in. (Extended)
  • Weight: 7LB / 3.18kg.
  • Inner Barrel Length: 363mm.
  • Outer Barrel Length: 14.5”.
  • Rail System: KAC-style 1913-STD Pic rail.
  • Grip: A2-style .
  • Firing Modes: Semi/Full-Auto, Safety.
  • Hop-up system: Adjustable (WA Style).
  • Battery: Recommended LiPo 11.1v battery (Battery not included)
  • We recommend using a 11.1V, 25C li-po Battery.
  • 7.4V, 14.2V li-po Batteries will not work on this model.
  • We do not recommend using replica optics because it will shift due to the recoil.
  • You can be used real steel charging handle without modification.
  • Manufacturer: GBLS, Made in Korea.