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GBLS is a Korean-based airsoft manufacturer that has been creating groundbreaking airsoft training weapons DAS or Dynamic Action Systems. They aim to create the most realistic airsoft guns to be used as training tools by militaries and law enforcement alike. This time around they have released their first gas airsoft gun, which also happens to be Korea's first gas airsoft pistol - The GBLS DAS M1911A1 Gas Airsoft Pistol!

The 1911 pistol is well-known and loved. First designed by the legendary gun designer John Moses Browning and being carried by the winning side of both World Wars, the 1911 pistol is a staple in gun design as after more than 100 years, it has influenced a lot of modern pistol designs and its variations are still carried by the military, law enforcement, and civilian shooters to this day making it truly a gun that forgot to be obsolete, due to these facts, it only makes sense why GBLS chose this platform as their first entry into the gas airsoft pistol market.

The GBLS DAS M1911A1 as the name suggested is based on the A1 version of the 1911 pistol and is made to be as realistic as it could be while still being an airsoft pistol. externally, the gun is made of high-quality CNC S45C steel that has also been heat treated to make it even more robust and durable. This 1911 pistol has a realistic 7+1 round capacity with a realistic trigger pull of roughly 4 KGs.

The internals of this gas airsoft pistol is no slouch too, GBLS actually developed from the ground up a new and proprietary system to cater to green gas use only, as CO2 magazines tend to enlarge the mag well, making it unrealistic. The loading nozzle is made of CNC 7075 aluminum, which is done so as a regular polymer-made loading nozzle just won't be able to carry that much pressure to cycle the slide properly without the risk of exploding. The GBLS DAS M1911A1 also has a lambda precision inner barrel installed giving it great accuracy out of the box.

All of that sounds great but A 1911 gas airsoft pistol isn't new in the airsoft market, almost every major airsoft manufacturer has at least one, even on the premium side, RWA, FPR, and Inokatsu have been producing premium and realistic 1911s currently and in the past, so what makes the GBLS DAS M1911 different from the rest?
The attention to detail and making it as realistic as it could be sets it aside from even the likes of Inokatsu, where even the round count is set to a realistic 7 rounds in the magazine, not providing a CO2 version, simply because CO2 cartridges would make the magazine and mag well too wide. all this together and considering the materials and realistic trigger places this 1911 gas airsoft pistol in its own league.

If you are looking for the most realistic 1911 training tool that can also double down as an airsoft pistol, look no further, the GBLS DAS M1911A1 is THE 1911 training weapon.