GBLS - GDR15 CQB Skeleton Kit (10.3")



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GBLS DAS GDR15 CQB Skeleton Kit (10.3") 

Want to make your dream L119SFW or MK18 or already have your favourite rail and stock, then the value kit is the package for you. The same GDR15 as the full kit just missing the rail and stock allowing you to fit your favourite parts.

Airsoft is the suspension of reality and we all enjoy getting the latest kit to mimic real steel operators, the one area we all suffer is the weapons we use,

GBBR’s have the realism, weighty trigger response, the trigger reset, the fully operational controls, but GBBRs do have issues, the cool down and the maintainance burden, not to mention the cost of gas, leaking mags and the performance is all dependent on the weather.

The GBLS DAS is a ground breaking platform it functions, feels and operates like any gas blowback M4, however, with a lower that has more in common to a PTW and an upper thats half GBBR half something completely unique.

The trigger pull on this rifle has been set to the exact weight spec of the U.S Army issue M4 rifles, the pull is weighty and realistic and the reset incredibly crisp.

All the controls of this rifle are as close to the real thing as they could possibly be. This rifle both looks and feels great.

An AEG that operates and feels like a GBBR with a fully moving bolt etc.

The hop unit uses an AEG bucking and nub, and the inner barrel is AEG spec so you can pop in your favourite barrel and bucking, the hop is adjusted via an allen screw inside the breach of the rifle like a traditional GBBR and this is most easily changed when the two halfes are split, the hop settings are held in place with the use of nyloc bushings that mean once your hop is set there is no need to continually adjust, it will not creep.

To further increase accuracy the inner barrel is fitted with a sprung collar to reduce the effects of recoil on the barrel assembly.

All of these features add up to a platform which is greater than the some of its parts and makes it an incredibly accurate rifle, comparable in performance to even heavily upgraded TM Recoils

GBLS have thought about the life span of the DAS  all the parts that wear on this rifle are available seperately, the sears which are the most likely parts to wear are the sears which are easily replaced in seconds, the other wearable parts for this rifle like the piston teeth are and gears which along with every other part on this rifle are available seperately.

If you are looking at adding your own personal touch to the GDR15 it will accept standard AEG rail systems, AEG pistol Grips.

The GDR-15 is fitted with a mosfet for peace of mind and an incredibly robust electrical circuit and mosfet these rifles are built to last, added to this the manufacturer also give a full 12 warranty.

Don’t just take our word for it Airsoft & Milsin News Blog have done a review on the GDR-15 and it can be found here


- Length: 673mm
- Weight: 4.65lb/ 2Kg
- Inner Barrel Length: 275mm.
- Inner Barrel Diameter: 6.04mm.
- Outer Barrel Length: 10.3”.
- Rail System and Stock Not included
- FPS: 350 Fps (0.2g BB).  
- Firing Modes: Semi/Full-Auto, Safety.
- Hop-up system: Adjustable (WA GBB Style).
- None marking the lower body.
- Battery: Li-Po 11.1v battery (Battery not included).
- We recommend using an 11.1V, 25C Li-Po Battery.
- 7.4V and 14.8V li-Po Batteries will not work on this model.
- We do not recommend using replica optics because they will shift due to the recoil.
- You can use a real steel charging handle without modification.
- Manufacturer: GBLS, Made in Korea.

*The exact FPS/Joule is dependent on setup. Charging to a higher power spring may cause serious damage to your replica rifle


GBLS DAS GDR 15 Skeleton type. 1 Qty.
30/60 Round Magazine. 1 Qty.
Speed BB Loading Adapter. 1 Qty.
Manual. 1 Qty
Hop-Up Adjustment Tool. 1 Qty.