GBLS - DAS GDR-15 URGI - Long Package

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This package would give you a very good representation of the USASOC URGI

These custom builds are built to order so will incur a 2-3 day addition to your order.

This package is our most popular build on the GBLS DAS GDR-15 platform.

We take the GDR-15 and install the Angry Gun Geissele Rail System, ensuring that the rail is correctly fitted to the GDR-15 Receiver.

As seen out in the wild most URGI have been seen with the Magpul CTR Stock, as the GDR-15 requires a 11.1v Lipo we modify the enhanced buttpad and stock to accept a 11.1v 1100Mah battery and remove the bright orange flashider and install a standard M4 unit.

Included in the pack is the following.


5  x 60rd GDR-15 Magazines

Angry Gun URGI Rail

AR Flashhider

Modified CTR Enhanced Stock

2 x 11.1v 1100Mah Lipo Batteries

Batteries Converted to Dean / T Connection

Sample Aero Grease

As with all our custom builds we can tailor the build to exactly what you desire. Don't hesitate to get in touch with us if you wish to change any parts or have any questions about our builds.

Additional Options

Custom Paintwork

Colt/Geissele Trademarks


Surefire Suppressor

Surefire SF Flashhider

Airborne Charging Handle



*Please note a black CTR stock has been used in the photos for reference, a tan stock can also be used*