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The GATE TITAN is a drop-in MOSFET. Replacing the trigger contacts and cut-off lever it will transform your AEG with 20 new functions.


  • Ensures the gearbox completes the correct cycle with every trigger pull
  • Protects against short-circuits, overheating and overloading
  • Protects the battery from over discharging
  • Improves battery life, rate of fire, spring life and reliability

Kit Contents

  • Basic
    • TITAN V2 with BASIC firmware
    • Installation Kit
    • Quickstart Guide
  • Advanced
    • TITAN V2 with ADVANCED firmware
    • USB-Link for GATE Control Station™ App
    • USB-A Cable for USB-Link [1.5m / 4ft 11in]
    • USB-C Cable for USB-Link [0.6m / 1ft 11in]
    • Micro-USB Cable for USB-Link [0.6m / 1ft 11in]
    • Installation Kit
    • Quickstart Guides

GATE Control Station

The TITAN and GATE Control Station gives you total control of your AEG. Adjust all your settings at home, using the USB-Link and the GATE Control Station computer App and even update the firmware.


The USB-Link works in tandem with the GATE Control Station App, giving you full access to TITAN's functions and allows you to update the firmware of the drop-in module and the Tactical Programming Card.


  • Adjustable Trigger Sensitivity: five trigger sensors allow you to adjust your trigger sensitivity on the fly with the Tactical Programming Card or GATE Control Station.
  • Configurable Fire Selector: six different fire selector modes.
  • Cycle Detection: the TITAN precisely detects the position of the gears allowing Automatic BURST and PRE-COCKING.
  • Pre-Cocking: for the ultimate trigger response the TITAN can stop the gearbox when the spring is fully compressed to minimise the delay between pulling the trigger and the gun actually firing. There are three levels Pre-cocking available in AUTO or SMART mode, in SMART mode a slow trigger pull will compress the spring and a faster trigger pull will fire the shot. (NOTE: Pre-Cocking will increase wear and tear on the gearbox).
  • Burst: set burst fire between two and ten shots.
  • ROF Control: reduce your rate of fire to enable the use of higher voltage batteries while maintaining a realistic ROF.
  • ROF STAB: allow the TITAN to control your rate of fire with a break in between each shot for a more realistic experience or with PWM to decrease wear on the gearbox.
  • Sniper Delay: set a 0.5, 1, 2 or 3 second delay between each shot to simulate the delay from reload or recoil.
  • Smart Trigger: with the ROF STAB on, the Smart Trigger sets the ROF control to 100% during the first shot and then switches to the previously programmed value allowing a faster trigger response even with a reduced rate of fire.
  • AUG Mode: this mode allows the trigger perform just like the two stage trigger in the AUG where a partial trigger pull will shoot on SEMI or BURST and a full trigger pull will shoot BURST or AUTO.
  • Battery Protection: the TITAN's microprocessor monitors the battery voltage, and will not fire when it drops to a critical level.
  • Low Battery Warning: when the battery voltage drops low, the motor will vibrate at regular intervals.
  • Smart Fuse: an electronic fuse with an accurate current sensor, in combination with voltage and temperature measurements protects the MOSFET against overheating, overloading and short-circuiting. In case of a jam, this protects the motor and battery from damage.
  • Adaptive Active Brake: automatically adjusts the motor's braking power according to your needs, prolonging the lifespan of the motor.
  • MOSFET: the heart of the TITAN is a MOSFET which bypasses the mechanical trigger contacts and sends the power directly from the battery to the motor resulting in higher ROF and faster trigger response.
  • Built-in Self-Test: this allows you to quickly check whether the drop-in module is working properly. Helping you locate where the problem lies when anything goes wrong.
  • Coating: coated to mil-spec MIL-V-173C for resistance to extreme atmospheric conditions.
  • Deans Ready: factory fitted with low-resistance Deans connectors.
  • Mini Tamiya Adapter: included for compatibility.


The TITAN's advanced functionality is possible through the use of 1 gear sensor, 2 selector sensors and 5 trigger sensors. Optical sensors eliminate mechanical faults, stresses and provides a high degree of reliability.