FN Hersal Minimi M249 Para Sports Line AEG

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Light machine guns, like the FN M249, have been a vital asset on the field for years. Usually the job of lugging one of these bad boys around falls on the shoulders of the strongest person on the team, but today that all changes. This FN Licensed M249 Para "Featherweight" Airsoft Machine Gun solves all the woes of wanting an LMG on the field, but not having the strength and/or willingness to carry it around all day. This M249 weighs in at a reasonable 8lbs, shedding almost 50% of the weight compared to its full metal counterpart! Fear not though, just because it's lightweight doesn't mean it's weak and flimsy. The receiver and chassis are made from a fiber-reinforced nylon polymer that's constructed in a super high strength design, making this featherweight option extremely durable.

The FN M249 Featherweight has also shed some pounds by discarding the original brick-heavy standard M249 gearbox design in favor of a lighter weight souped-up Version 2 gearbox.

About the M249:
The FN M249 LMG was born out of true necessity; a need for something lighter than the M60 while still being able to provide ample suppressive firepower.

Length: 790mm / 930mm (folded / extended)
Weight (w/o magazine): 8.15 lbs
Thread: 14mm CCW
Gearbox: Version 2
Motor: 30k RPM High-speed Long Type
Fire Modes: Full-Auto, Safety
Hopup: Yes, Adjustable

Version 2 Gearbox:
+ Aluminum alloy gearbox shell and cylinder
+ 8mm metal bushings
+ Sintered steel 20:1 gear set
+ Polycarbonate tappet plate, piston, and nozzle
+ High compression polycarbonate piston head and cylinder head
+ Quick-change spring guide