FAST BJ (Diamond Holes) Helmet Replica – Multicam



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These X-Shield helmets meets the expectations of airsoft enthusiasts that seek quality equipment for reasonable price fit for airsoft battlefield. The price/quality ratio of X-shield helmets makes them stand out in the crowd of other products of the type.

The shell of the helmet is made from a durable polymer, which makes it lightweight and durable. These helmets feature an adjustable band which allow the helmet to be adapted to the user’s head are undoubtedly one of the its strongest assets. Key role in that process fulfils a set of modular pads made from a hard polymer and soft foam, which can be freely arranged inside the helmet via Velcro straps.
A 4-point helmet webbing with soft chin strap and "fastex" buckle closure can also be widely regulated. Another feature that works in the helmet’s favour is that the webbing was made in a closed system, which means there are no loosely hanging regulation straps. Circumference is regulated by a comfortable knob located at the back of the helmet.

As many other helmets based on the FAST type structure, X-Shield is also equipped with a set of side mounting rails, which allows for attachment of a wide array of additional accessories such as goggles, tactical flashlights, headsets, etc. On the front of the helmet is a metal VAS type mount and drawstrings that allow NVG systems to be effectively attached to the helmet. An extensive kit of mounts and clips has been included in the set.

Soft Velcro straps for all sorts of badges, morale-patches, designations, e-lite markers, and so on will also help you to show off your new helmet. In addition, the shell of PJ and BJ style helmets features holes that improve ventilation and significantly decrease its weight.


-          A set of pads
-          Wing-Loc adapter
-          22 mm RIS mounting rail
-          2 x 19mm goggle mount clip
-          2 x 19mm rotating goggle mount clip
-          2 x 35mm rotating goggle mount clip
-          2 x rotating clip mount adapter
-          NVG mount adapter