Emrson Gear G3 Combat Pants Woodland 32W

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Emerson Gear G3 Combat Pants – Woodland

High quality, uncompromising assault trousers, that will give you great levels of performance and protection.

The Emerson Gear G3 Combat Pants are made from military spec ripstop material, which means that they are rugged and hard-wearing. The ripstop material means that if you cut or tear the combat pants, then it will rip no further than the original damage and so you do not have to fear your trousers fully tearing apart during use. There is stretch fabric above the knees and at the lower back, which gives you extra flexibility and movement from the G3 combat pants. The overall cut of them is very aggressive and so they give you plenty of room for manoeuvring about. The seat is double layered, which gives you extra protection and mean that the seat won’t wear through easily. They’re good-sized belt loops around the waist and the trousers can be closed using the zip fly and velcro waist fastener. There are two velcro tabs on the side, which are for adjusting the size of the waist. There are also velcro fasteners around the ankles and the side of the knee pads, to help keep your knee pads securely in place against your knees.

The Emerson G3 Combat Pants have the usual hand pockets on either side and two zip closed rear pockets for storing, paperwork, identification documents or any other items you wish to have easy access to. There are 4 small cargo pockets, located on the front of the thighs and side of the calves, for storing smaller items in. There are also two larger cargo pockets, located on the side of either thigh, these pockets are great for storing magazines, bottles, first aid supplies or any other larger objects you want easily at hand. These larger cargo pockets have elastic bottle/magazine stabilizers inside so that they will not rattle around in the pockets. Sticking out of the tops on the larger cargo pockets are a quick access knife/light holder, these mean you can have easy access to a torch or knife without them interfering with access to the cargo pockets. All of the cargo pockets are closed using velcro.

The two knee pad pockets are designed to take AirFlex combat knee pads (supplied) and have a flap the can close up the hole if the knee pads are removed. There are elastic cords running from the front thigh pockets down the inside of the trousers to the knee pad pockets, these elastic cords allow you to adjust the height of the knee pads to your desired height.


  • Mil-spec 35/65 NYCO ripstop with stretch fabric at the lower back and knees
  • 6x cargo pockets
  • 2x hand pockets
  • 2x zip-closed back pockets
  • Low-profile velcro waist adjustment system
  • 2x knee pad pockets with removable AirFlex combat knee pads
  • Velcro knee and ankle fasteners
  • Elasticated knee pad height adjusters
  • Quick access knife/light holders
  • Cargo pockets have water bottle/magazine stabilizers
  • Zip fly and velcro closure
  • Double-layered seat
  • Belt loops
  • Aggressively cut for maximum mobility