EMG - CAM MK-III SAI Deluxe Match Airsoft Marker



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  • You're looking at one of the most realistic M870 replicas on the market.
  • The M870 Deluxe Match CO2 Shotgun (SAI Licensed) most certainly looks the part, has similar dimensions to the real steel version and is definitely a shotgun you don't want to be on the receiving end of.
  • You can expect this version to look exactly like the real steel counterpart with the fibre front as well as the stippled fore grip and grip itself.
  • You'll most likely do the number 2 in your pants as you receive 12 BBs and a shot cup to the torso.
  • You're probably wondering, how does 12 BBs make its way through the inner barrels.
  • APS decided to reject the whole inner barrel idea and just have the barrel itself which is fantastic!
  • The thing is, if it doesn't have an hop up unit or a precision inner barrel, won't it only travel around 10 meters before the BBs start to drop? Yes it would, but the shotgun is meant to take out a large group in such a short range so this was perfectly designed for a CQB scenario.
  • There is a rule in Hong Kong where the largest object that leaves an airsoft replica has to be under 2 Joules / 465 fps.
  • The Shot cup is the largest object and is ejected at around 280 fps, taking into account its size and weight, adds up to around 2 joules.
  • The 12 BBs fly at around 280 fps once it leaves the barrel.
  • You may think that isn't much at all, but remember there are 12 BBs so you'll feel it nevertheless!


  • Part No.: APS-CAM870-MKIII-SAI
  • Material: Metal, Magpul Plastic Funitures
  • Length:1005mm
  • Magazine Capacity: 6+ 1 Shell Cartridge (12 rds BB For Each )
  • System: Pump Action
  • Power (Muzzle Velocity): 330fps
  • Colour: Black with Golden Bolt
  • Shooting Mode: Manual
  • Weight: 4000.00g

Package Contents:

  1. Gun x 1pc
  2. Cartridge Shell x 2
  3. Lots O' Caps x 1set
  4. lots O' Shot Cups X 1set