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Emerson Gear Quick-Adjust Padded 2 Point Sling

The quick-adjust padded 2 point sling by Emerson Gear is just one of many of their great quality slings.Sell Online This rifle sling is ideal for heavier rifles like support guns or some heavy sniper rifles as the padding helps with comfortable wielding.

There are two fastening points on the sling, both points are loops which threads through the adjustable clips so you can decide how much slack the second point has to enable freer movement in the 2 point sling.

There is a 2nd adjustable buckle which can be moved along the sling to adjust the overall length, this should be set to your shortest desired size to help with the quick-adjust clasp.

The quick-adjust clasp has any easy to grab the pull cord to assist in adjustment. Simply pull the cord back and the clasp will loosen the tension to allow a bigger overall size and you pull it towards the clasp to tighten it up again.

Quick-adjust slings are great for various situations and easy to use on any rifle with two sling attachment points.


  • Fully adjustable rifle sling
  • Quick-adjust cord
  • 1000D Nylon Cordura
  • Fabric loop sling points
  • Lightweight