Emerson - G3 Combat Shirt - Multicam Black - Medium



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merson Gear G3 Combat Shirt (Medium) - Multicam Black

A high quality, lightweight assault shirt that provides great level of comfort combined with sturdiness and protection.

The Emerson Gear G3 Combat Shirt is made from a 50/50 cotton and polyester and ripstop sleeves and collar. The main part of the shirt gives good moisture wicking, which is useful for when wearing a plate carrier or chest rig over the shirt. The rip stop material is ideal for giving protection to the exposed part of your upper body and being ripstop, if you cut the material, it will stop the shirt from tearing further than the original tear. The ripstop material will also give you good protection from rubbing from plate carrier or sling straps. The collar is high necked, so will give you good protection when fully zipped up. There are velcro sleeve fastners, which will keep your sleeves in place and stop unwanted items getting inside the shirt.

There are two pockets on the upper arms, which are velcro closed and are ideal for storing notepads, maps or other such items. In the top of the pockets are holes for putting pens in, which means you can grab a pen without having to open the pocket. On the outside of the pockets are velcro strips for attaching IFF patches, or any funky tactical patches you want to attach. There are also two elbow sleeves for inserting AirFlex elbow pads into, to give you extra protection.


  • 50/50 cotton and polyester shirt, with 35/65 NYCO ripstop sleeves and collar
  • Moisture wicking
  • Lightweight and soft
  • Zip closure high neck collar
  • 2x shoulder pockets
  • 2x elbow sleeves for use with AirFlex elbow pads
  • Velcro wrist fastners
  • Velcro strips for IFF patches
  • Pen holder in top of pockets