Emerson - Delta LQE Single Point Sling - Coyote

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Emerson Gear LQE Single Point Sling

The Delta LQE single point sling by Emerson is a great rifle sling option due to the brilliant build quality, shock absorption, ease of manoeuvrability and much more. The main harness is adjusted using the small plastic on the nylon strap to adjust the overall length of the sling. This is great for different body sizes and also looping through your plate carrier.

The main harness has a buckle either end connected to the bungee harness allowing quick release from your body when a situation calls for it. The bungee itself is great for standard weight rifles as it allows you to drop it quickly without putting any pressure on your body or shoulders due to the shock absorption and allows you to move easier.

Connecter to the bungee straps is a triangular plastic ring that holds the rifle sling all together and is attached to the rifle hook. The hook section can also be quickly released with a buckle when you need the rifle to be freed. The metal hook or clasp that goes onto the sling point is the MASH (metal all-purpose snap hook) which simply flexes to snap into place on the sling point and can’t come loose which is shrouded with elastic to stop the metal on metal sounds when you move.


  • Single point sling
  • Bungee lower to reduce shock and ease of movability
  • ITW M.A.S.H Hook (Metal all Purpose Snap Hook)
  • Fully adjustable