Emerson - Battle Mug Tactical Beer Mug

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Do you need that ultimate Christmas present for the Airsofter or Paintballer in your life ?
An ultra-tactical mug. Nothing is more Tacti-Cool than drinking an ice cold (insert drink of choice) out of this matte-black mug.
This Emerson Gear "Tactical Mug" is made out of 6061T6 Aluminum and in black colour.
Just like the original Battle Mug, it has rails for which you can attach whatever you want to attach to it, bipod, Eotech angle fore grip this is the mug you can really personalise.
There is enough space on the body of the mug that it could be engraved to give it that even more personal touch. (I had one done at Timpsons).

Full metal anodised Almiunum
Weight 840g
Caution - Not dishwasher friendly (can damage the anodising)
Clean with warm water and mild detergent
For the real cool operator
610ml capacity
Standard RIS/RAS rails