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ELAR SOPMODII M4 AEG Elite - Black is a 6mm BB Airsoft Electric Gun replica of the SOPMOD Block II special forces weapon, with RIS Handguard and Crane Stock. Just like the real thing, the SOPMOD II features an Aluminium Receiver and CNC Machined Outer Barrel. Differentiating the SOPMOD II from other M4s, the SOPMOD has a low-profile Sightless Gas Block and features a replica of the Daniel Defence FSP Quad-20mm RIS Railed Handguard, designed specifically for the Block II SOPMOD series. This full length, free-float Handguard allows users to install all manner of accessories and tactical equipment to their AEG as they require, from Grips to Flashlights to grenade launchers, just like the real thing. Combined with a full-length Top Rail on the Receiver for Optics and Sights, the ELAR SOPMODII offers users a truly modular, customisable Operator Platform. Internally, the SOPMOD features E&Ls standard design features; a Drum type Adjustable Hop up, allowing users to change the Range and Accuracy of the gun, and a Quick Change Spring system, combined with steel Gears, a Silent Piston Head and a Self-Lubricating Piston, all for consistent performance. This is an accurate replica of the SOPMOD Block II Special Forces Weapon, which both looks and feels like it should. An essential purchase for Airsofters seeking a US Special Forces loadout, or those Airsofters wanting a highly practical M4-based Airsoft Gun.