E&C - Mk18 Mod1 AEG 9" Dark Earth



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E&C might not be a name you have heard of, but this manufacturer makes airsoft weapons for a number of well known and high profile airsoft brands. 
The quality and performance of E&C products are very good, with a price to make you sit up and take notice. 

The Mk 18 was originally known as the Close Quarters Battle Receiver (CQBR). It was developed by the US Naval Surface Warfare Center, Crane Division as a replacement upper receiver for M4 carbines issued to Navy SEALs. The M4 splits in half into two receivers, the upper and the lower. The upper contains the barrel and bolt carrier group, while the lower contains the stock and fire control group. The idea behind the CQBR program was to allow the user to quickly swap upper receivers based on mission parameters. However, the CQBR program evolved from a simple upper receiver replacement into a complete firearm package: the Mark 18.

The original Mk 18 mod 0/CQBR was essentially a cut-down M4. They both primarily utilize the Knight’s Armament Company-produced rail attachment system (RAS). The RAS has an internal clamping mechanism which allows any laser aim module attached to it to retain zero. The handguard is lightweight and relatively short, filling the gap between the end of the receiver and the front sight block. However, because it attaches to the front sight block, any pressure applied to the handguard can cause a shift in accuracy. The mod 1 would solve this issue.

Mod 1
Mod 1 utilizes the rail interface system II (RIS II), a free-floating railed handguard designed by Daniel Defense for the Mk 18 and M4. The RIS II covers the barrel completely and only contacts it where it meets at the receiver. This does two things:

  1. The extended length allows the user to grasp further out on the carbine, providing greater control while firing.
  2. The lack of contact points with the barrel provides greater accuracy and less point-of-aim/point-of-impact shift
    The RIS 2 also allowed the user to mount an M203 grenade launcher to their mod 1. The RIS II significantly improved the capabilities of the carbine


This airsoft version features 
Body:Full Metal
Hop-Up:Rotary Plastic
Gearbox:Metal (8MM Bearing Gearbox)
Magazine:300 Rounds ( 0.2g BBs