E&C - M203 Grenade Launcher with 3 mounts (short)

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E&C M203 Grenade Launcher With 3 Mounts (Short)

Nothing quite beats a 40mm grenade shell for wiping out groups of enemies and clearing rooms and corridors. This launcher is great because it can be mounted to multiple types of airsoft gun and operates easily and quickly.

The E&C M203 Grenade Launcher is built from full metal and is thus strong and will take the bumpsand scrapes of airsoft. it has a working safet just in front of the trigger, which when activated will stop the trigger from moving and firing a shell off. The trigger guard is designed to rest against the magazine well of the weapon it is attached to. It has a built in handguard on the barrel that is ridged for maximum grip.

There are three mounts that come with the launcher. The first is designed to mount onto the barrel of an M4 style weapon. The back part of the mount slides onto the barrel nut and the front part clips onto the outer barrel ad these secure it in place. The second mount is the same but has a larger back part for fitting to SRC and TM M4s, which have different size barrel nuts. The third mount is a 20mm rail mount. To us this mount you remove the barrel clip and back mount and swap it with the rail adapter. Ths then allows you to attach the launcher to any rail system.

To load the launcher you grip the handguard, press the release lever on the left hand side and then slide the barrel forward. Once open, insert a shell and then close the barrel. You can then pull the trigger and fire. Once fired, you just open the barrel back up and the shell extractor will pull the shell out of the tube as it is slid forwards, this allows you to easily remove the shell.


  • Full metal build
  • 3 mounts
  • Short barrel
  • Slide open design
  • Shell extractor
  • Safety
  • Trigger guard
  • Takes 40mm airsoft grenade shells, both gas and CO2