E&C - M110A1 AEG



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The orginal M110 was based off the KAC SR25 platform where this new A1 version requested for by the US Military is a specialist offshoot of the HK 417/G28.

The M110A1 is a top-tier marksman rifle in service with the US Army and Marines Corps. The HK417/G28 weapons are used by infantry, police and special forces units from some of the best equipped militaries in the world. There is little doubt regarding the status of this rifle: strictly the best, for the best. 

E&C have really knocked it out of the park with the airsoft replica, you can certainly feel the build quality of this beast when you get it in your hands, the markings are sharp and crisp just like you would find on the real M110A1, it would make a great DMR for those looking to reach out and touch someone with your plastic balls of death.