E&C - EC103 M27 IAR 416 AEG Dark Brown

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E&C may not be a brand or make of guns you have heard of before but they have been around a long time and OEM for anumber of well know brands (ASG, Specna Arms)

EC103 isn't that catchy as a name, but what you recognise it as is a M27 IAR the support version of the HK416.
The Real Steel M27 was introduced in to the US Marines in 2010 to replace a the M249 Support Weapon or that's what the commanders told the US government, the rumour is that the Marines want the HK416 but as its not American they cant have it as the main assault weapon, only time will tell what happens with the Marines and the M27 / HK416.

In airsoft the E7C M27 is a great base for a DMR build it looks menacing with just a few accessories, bipod and optic etc. The stock and grip are the correct type for the M27 and are both comfortable and sold in build.

The AEG uses a standard V2 gearbox with quick change spring system (gearbox out of receiver to change)


Length - 860mm
Weight - 3268g
Magazine Capacity - 300 Rounds
Power Source - Battery Powered
Blowback - None
Shooting Modes - Semi / Full Auto
Hop-up - Adjustable.
Magazine Compatibility - M4 AEG Magazine.
FPS - Approx. 320