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The Dagger of Men with Green Faces

The CAR-15(Colt Automatic Rifle-15 Military Weapons System)was developed by Colt in the 1960s based on the design of the AR-15, its XM177 series was active during the Vietnam War. Before the XM177 series was used in the U.S. Army, it was called the CAR-15 Commando. It was a "submachine gun" launched in response to the request of the US military in 1966.

The predecessor of the beloved M4, this compact classic goes toe-to-toe with its tacti-cool descendants; winning on style points alone. This is one for the film fans – whether you’re going full-Vietnam commando, or dressed dapperly as you blast your way out of the bank vault.

The ‘CAR-15’ XM177 features a buffer tube with adjustable stock, a retro gunmetal grey body and two sling points. 

The styling is taken from the Colt XM177E2 in the Vietnam War. It includes the unique XM177 flash hider, the 11.5-inch outer barrel, M16A1 style front sight, special CAR-15 skinny round carbine handguard, A1 type lower receiver, carrying handle upper receiver, early-type dummy forward assist knob, early-type retractable buttstock, etc... plus the lower receiver with a full Colt markings, all the appearance details of the Colt XM177E2 are integrated in one place.