E&C Airsoft 4/16 Style 300rd Hicap - Specna, Arthurian



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E&C Airsoft 4/16 Style 300rd Hicap - Specna, Arthurian.

A replacement or additional magazine for your Specna Arms, Arthurian or E&C.

These magazines hold 300rds and are the traditional style of Hicap and are wound by the clockwork wheel at the bottom of the magazine.

They are constructed of a metal outer casing and a standard plastic core as per other Hicap magazines.

These have been tested in Specna Arms, Arthurian, E&C and TM.

Note to eBay these are toy items and are legal to own and sell under the VCRA 2006;they cannot be used for any other purpose other than that it was designed for.

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