Dynatex - Timed Delay Blank Firing Grenade

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The awesome DYNATEX Timed Delay Blank Firing Grenade is the original and the best Blank Firing Grenade (BFG) built with a Steel Mechanism with a Hard Polymer shell. Tried and tested, these grenades have been around for 20 years both in police and military training as well as airsoft use.

The grenade itself is developed as timed (3 second delay) grenade, when the pin is pulled out and your grip on the grenade is released it detonates automatically after 3 seconds.  No impact is required meaning the grenade is Suitable for both Woodland & Urban skirmish environments and can even gently be rolled into where your opponents are situated, or left on a ledge when you know you are being closely followed by the opposing team!

Tough and simple to use, this product delivers flawlessly time and time again.

The Grenade includes a security pin to prevent accidental detonating when held in pockets and pouches, and the grenade is ultra simple to use – simply unscrew the top cap, push down the plunger with the supplied tool, insert a fresh blank, put the cap back on, throw and BANG!


Made from Polymer, Steel and Alloy, these awesome pieces of kit do what they say on the tin, they go the first time EVERY time.