Dynatex - Dominator Impact Blank Firing Grenade



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The Dominator is loud, it's mean, and it's tough! Oh and did you see the price of this little beasty!? Dynatex have made a new grenade that not only ticks all the boxes, performing flawlessly, but it's been built at a price that means it's accessible for everyone. All thanks to Dynatex® clever engineering, humble attitude and countless years experience, they've made yet another greande that really does dominate.

Unlike regular impact grenades the Dominator can be used in both urban and woodland skirmish environments, all thanks to its new ultra sensitive impact detonation mechanism. This clever mechanism means it won't go off as you throw it but will detonate on softer surfaces such as grass or forest floors. Because of this the Dominator brings a whole new dynamic to woodland games where players have previously been restricted due to terrain and fire safety regulations.

There's more good news for those of you who play in noise-restricted areas, or who are just looking at saving a few pounds... the Dominator also comes with an adaptor so it can be used with .209 shotgun primers (check out our website for these). Whilst primers aren't quite as loud as .380 blanks, they are still plenty loud enough, and the best bit of all is that you can get twice as many for your money!

The Dominator is really is simple to use. You don't even have to prime it. In words that even Vicky Pollard could understand, all you have to do is: Put in pin. Screw off cap. Put in blank. Screw on cap. Ready. Pull pin. Throw? BANG

All Dynatex products are tested to comply with UK Proofing house to make sure that the products are safe to use.

The grenades are supplied with two adapters a 209 and 9mm both are very easy to use and load and reload when in game.