Double Eagle - M58A Shotgun

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This M58A is the full size version pump-action shotgun from DE, is used by airsoft players as either a back to there back up or if they want to look different from everyone else rocking an M4 or Ak.
Featuring a tough exterior constructed of metallic internals and durable ABS-poly composite.
It's the bigger brother in the range of M58's, it packs a MEAN PUNCH and it stays extremely heavy and realistic.
The shotgun's pump action is weighted; it sounds and feels like the real thing! Also standard on this shotgun are an ergonomic pistol grip, a heat shield, and sling swivels (front and rear) so you can easily strap it in place.
Perfect for indoor CQB and outdoor games, the Double Eagle M500/M58 range is one of the most versatile shotguns you can purchase — and is a great value for money at this price!