Double Eagle - M56A Full Stock Shotgun

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Double Eagle - M56A, ideal as a back up and nothing sounds or feels better than racking a shotgun.

The M56A is a great version of  M870 shotgun in scale 1: 1 of one of the most popular shotgun, used by civilians, police or military. The M56A  has been produced by Double Eagle specialy for the airsoft market. Just like in other replica from Double Eagle it has a reliable mechanism in this case a pump action system powered by a spring.

This shotgun is spring powered and each time you rack the shotgun three bb's are loaded from the shot gun shell type magazine which hold 30bbs.

Weight: 1165 g
Magazine model: ABS
Muzzle velocity: 290 fps
Magazine capacity: 30 BBs
Material: aluminium, nylon
Muzzle energy: 0,78 J
Fire mode: single