Double Bell - Shell Ejecting KAR98K (Real Wood Stock - 101A)

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Kar98k Spring Shell Ejecting Rifle - Wooden Version

A replica of the legendary rifle from World War II. It is the best model of this rifle available on the market. Perfect representation of weight, dimensions, workmanship, and even the same principle of operation. The handguard of the replica is made of real wood (one piece) in a beautiful shade. All other elements are made of metal. This ensures a 100% feeling of holding a real copy in your hands. 

The manufacturer also tried to reproduce the principle of shooting with this rifle as well as possible. The replica fires 6mm BBs placed in special shells. The shells with balls are inserted into the chamber in the same way as in the flammable version - either manually in turn or by means of the so-called "dinghy" which is placed just above the chamber and then all five "bullets" are introduced with one movement.

The Kar98k is a replica of a 4-stroke rifle, and this system has also been retained here. Each shot must be reloaded by 4 moves with the lever. After firing a shot and loading the next bullet - an empty shell pops out in the same way as during real shooting.

This rifle is used by many reenactors of the Second World War, which were used by the Nazis on many fronts in Europe at that time. Gradka for collectors and enthusiasts!
Included in the box:
- Kar98k Rifle
- 5 BB shells