Double Bell D90 (Black - 810)

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Double Bell D90 p90 (Black – 810)

The Double Bell P90 Sub Machine Gun is built fully from polymer and comes with a Mid-Cap magazine with faux bullets inside for added realism.

The gun has top and side rails for all the accessories you may want to add. The Double Bell D90 p90 (Black – 810) has an iconic shape and look that has gained its popularity from TV shows like Stargate and many popular video games (too many to mention). The gun is lightweight and extremely short making it perfect for CQB and urban environments. 

The odd thing about the P.90 is how you load the magazines. You load them from the top my sliding them in and pushing them down. 

So whether your wanting to add an iconic replica to your collection or just looking for a perfect tool for close engagements the P.90 may be for you. 

Include in the box:

– P.90 Replica
– 1x Magazine