Cyma - M14 SOC16 Black (CM032A)

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This is a fantastic, and incredibly realistic replica of the M14 Rifle, this version is modelled off of the classic Vietnam
style rifle, not the modern MOD0 M14 that many people know from war games such as Call Of Duty.
The rifle is constructed from a mixture of metal and imitation wood - the upper receiver and the entire barrel assembly
is constructed from metal, along with the magazine and various body pins and securing parts, while the Stock and one
piece body is constructed from a very well finished imitation wood.
While this is modelled off of the Vietnam style weapon, it comes with one crucial modern aspect - the upper RIS Rail
that can be found on top of the metal part of the receiver - this allows the player to decice upon the role that this
rifle should play - If equipped with a sniper-style scope this rifle can perform very well as a semi-automatic sniper,
but if equipped with a mid (4X Zoom) scope it is able to take the role of a very capable DMR or Squad support rifle.

The rifle itself is a very heavy weight replica, and feels very true to the real thing when held or shouldered, This weapon
also conveniently features a bayonet lug for the quick and easy attachment of any field bayonets for those silent
humiliating knife kills.


You will need a defence for a non two tone version.



Weight: 3,730g
Magazine: 400 Round High Cap (metal)
Gearbox: Full metal
Length: 1127mm
Measured velocity:  340 fps (Heavy bullets recommended - 0.23 Up)
Hop-Up: adjustable
Fire mode: semi and auto
Body material: ABS with Metal elements